Key Information Documents Catalogue

The aim of the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation is to encourage efficient EU markets by helping investors to better understand and compare the key features, risk, rewards and costs of different PRIIPs through access to short and consumer-friendly Key Information Documents (KIDs).

OTC derivatives (FX)

Over-the-counter derivatives (Foreign Exchange) are products linked to prices of underlying exchange rates where product parameters are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

OTC derivative (FX) value and pricing can be driven by one or more variable factors including the price and volatility level of the underlying markets, current market interest rates, and the expected term of such transaction.


Funds are investment products whereby third-party managers work by combining your money with that of other investors.

We offer an extensive range of products, from globally diversified managed funds to specialist equity and bond funds, in major markets around the world. Our range includes Active Diversified Funds, Passive Diversified Funds, Fixed Income Funds and Equity Funds.